The Hunger Games

As a lot of you may have heard, The Hunger Games trilogy will be coming out in the cinemas in 2012. The books were pretty awesome and I hope the film does it justice. I’m still more than a little apprehensive about Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss, but I haven’t seen her act much, so I wouldn’t know yet.

However, if you have not yet read the books, I strongly suggest reading them. They are adventurous and make you feel very connected to the characters.

The books begin in district 12, where every one is starving and to claim a tiny amount of food a year, they are more likely to be picked to be in the Hunger games.

Katniss is not originally chosen to compete, yet she makes a lot of difficult decisions throughout the books to bring them to an emotional ending.

I have faith yet that the movie will be a success, but until then I hope everyone will have a chance to read them!

Click here for the official Hunger Games Website :

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