Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a book I’ve recently read by John Green. He Has written 2 other books, which I am yet to read. The book started with Margo, appearing at Quentin’s window one night and they embark on a night of playing pranks and whacking cat fish in people’s cars. They finish the night breaking into sea world and getting kicked out for trespassing.

Yet the next day Margo disappears, the only thing left is a clue for Quentin and he and his friends join him on a mission to find out where she has left them to be.  He tracks the clues with his friends Radar, an editor of a Wikipedia-like website and Benjamin, who can only be described as a hopeless romantic. They embark on a road trip across America to find Margo, yet Quetin fears the worst for Margo and her complicated mind.

The book is incredibly humorous, yet makes you think about individuals’ view on how we live and comparison with everyone around us. I can not wait to get the other books by him, but he is a relatively un-known author and I can’t find many of his books in regular book shops, so I am to read his other 2 books.

His other 2 books are Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, which I look forward to reading!

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