1000th View

Greetings all, This post this time is not designated for the 1000th view, but actually to the people who got me there (That sounds really meaningful, doesn’t it?!)

Usually my post when I get to a certain hundred will include the word rave. This time it will not. I have grown up , I have matured…or not (trust me I haven’t).

So, firstly I would like to thank Tanitha Smith, a constant supporter and author on this blog. She comments, rates and most of all reads my blog. Thank you my dear for all the awesomeness you have poured over my blog in the last ages.

Visit her blog here. (If you don’t I will hunt you down).

Another special person is Helen Shroom. She’s had a blog for longer than I have all about Ourworld codes and cheats, but has recently acquired a new blog called Mushrooms Galore. She’s commented on my blog and taught me how to generally use WordPress, which has been more than a little helpful. Thank you Helen Shroom.

Visit her blog here.  (There is no option here…you have to).

Thank you all viewers for 1000 views and carry on coming back for for more banana-ey goodness (and make sure to comment!).

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