Looking For Alaska

I’m here today with another book review! This is another book By John Green and it’s called Looking for Alaska.  My feelings towards this book was that it was not as well written as Paper Towns, yet sure as hell was entertaining!

Miles is sent to boarding school by his overly-understanding parents, where he the Colonel (well his real name is Chip). Miles being a skinny kid, the obvious nickname would be Pudge. Pudge soon meets Alaska, an exciting mysterious girl down the hall. Pudge fits in with a social outcast group of people, and they set about the summer smoking in the showers and pranking the “weekday warriors”. Yet he is intrigued about Miranda and he love of Poetry and the Labyrinth.

But deep down Alaska isn’t completely as she seems, her childhood was traumatic and she constanltey needs a book to read.  After one eventful evening everything changes for the gang…

This book was incredibly humorous, but please DO NOT go about reading this under the age of roughly 14. I would advise this book if you enjoy humour and slight pointlessness.

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