The Fault in Our Stars

I have already done 2 books reviews on John Green, but the main feature of the book I’m about to talk about is this: it has not yet been released. I am unsure of the release date, but the one thing I can tell you is that I am looking forward to reading it!

I have been surfing the internet looking for anything this book is about and all I can say is that the book focuses on a girl called Hazel who has terminal cancer. The book title was a Shakespeare Quote from Julius Caesar which suggests the book is not literally about the fault in the stars but more so the fault in ourselves.

It’s pretty awesome that the book reached No.1 on Amazon (to pre-order), even before its release. People have a lot of faith in John Green.

The cover is not yet final, yet people all over the internet have designed there own, using their interpretation of the title. There are some pretty cool covers. There’s a whole website designated to people designing covers and if you have some spare time click here.

I particually liked this person’s (see on left), but I couldn’t find the name of them to credit that particular person. So if you designed this and read it….umm…sorry about that.

I really would suggest John Green’s books if you kind of like a bit of Philosophy and Pointlessness. I enjoy reading them even if they aren’t my favorite genre of books. His other book include: Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines (which I am yet to read).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my unnecessarily long post and look out for the next one!


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