I glare up into the solid grey skies, water streaking down my face, clouding my vision. Yet the rain continues, beating down on my shoulders like an invisible weight that can not be lifted.  I miss the sun, its everlasting warmth and comfort to everyone. Yet no matter how hard I glare and curse, the rain will never  stop.

I walk down the narrow lane and already I can feel the rain sinking through my shoes and producing a rhythmic squelching  with every step. You’d have thought this was the coming of a monsoon or flood, yet yesterday it was no different.

I continue onward , darting under the caring branches of the trees that shelter me from the rain. But no tree nor plant can shelter me from the rain in my head. That rain will never end.

Note: I haven’t been writing for ages, so I thought I’d give it a go. Plus, I don’t hate rain.

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