The Hole

I watched a film last Night called The Hole. To say the least it was VERY creepy.

The film is about 2 brothers: Dane and Lucas, who have just been moved to a house with their mother. Moving house is pretty regular for them, but Dane (the incredibly grumpy teenage type) fines it to say the least irritating. Dane and Lucas (the younger, more innocent of the brothers) meet the beautiful girl next door: Julie.

But soon Lucas stumbles upon the hole in the basement. A hole that apparently has no bottom and the 3 of them soon create a theory that it is the gateway to Hell itself. They try everything, even lowering a fishing rope down there with a camera on the end, in hope to find the bottom. But nothing is found.

Then a strange girl is found in the basement, crying not tears, but blood. She begins to show up whenever Julie is alone, before crawling back into the dreaded hole. A clown attacks Lucas, and they soon realize that whatever is down there is their biggest nightmare. But Dane claims to have no fears. Well, we soon find out that is rather untrue.

I really enjoyed this film’s original ideas and general weirdness. I would suggest not to watch this if  you are an incredibly jumpy person, because there are lots of trick scares that will make you jump when you are not expecting it. I loved the creepiness the simplistic ideas bring to the film. It is by no means the best film, but it certainly is a good movie to watch.

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