Return of the Cat (Or just a birthday…)

Hello fellow humans (have I used that one already?)

I’ll start with what this post is about. This post is to commemorate the Birthday of my now 5 year old cat,  Milly. She really is the most interesting cat you’ll ever meet and Obviously the cutest (You know I’m right). Still at the age of 5 she continues to chase her tail and is the only cat I know that is un-afraid of cars and will refuse to move for one. Of course, this may not be her greatest quality, since the odd time i have to literally pluck her off the road.

The picture on the right is blatantly more than a little blurry, but I still have a certain liking towards it.. She really is a beautiful cat.

A little story about her is that once when she was being chased by a bunch of dogs, she climbed directly up a telegraph pole. Impressive or what? It took ages to coax her down again,but eventually, she just came down and wandered off as if it was just your average Thursday.

Over the years she has proved herself an excellent hunter, which is perhaps not what I wanted, but it’s in their nature right? We were first denied getting a cat from a charity because they thought a kitten would get eaten by a buzzard, now we actually fear for the buzzards a hell of a lot more than we do for her.

Anyway, I’ll add some more pictures down below to show just how awesome she is, but as I found out recently she is camera shy. Every time you point the camera at her she looks away. But I’ll put some of my favourite up here.

Happy Birthday Milly! If only you could read this…





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