The Lucsophagus

I’ve promised some one  a post for a long time on the Lucsophagus. This post is dedicated to her and her extra (well I’m pretty sure of) organ.

Anyway, normal earthlings can only withstand a certain amount of sugar before becoming hyperactive or dying. Lucy is already bouncing off he walls, forget about any sugar at that moment in time, therefore if she does have any intake of sugar it needs to be stored or she will inevitably suffer from a sugar overdose. The Lucsophagus (so far) only exists in Lucy (hence the name) and works a bit like an appendix but lets out the sugar over the 24hour day. It is also a startaling shade of purple, however is rather small and can not be seen too easily.

So, now you know of the Lucsophagus, you can go back to doing whatever else you were doing before reading this.

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