Microwavable Futurism

My family have just emerged out of the dark ages by acquiring a microwave. I’m not sure how it came into our house hold, but I think it was free from a friend. Microwaves (as most of you know, as you probably have one) are very useful, but at the same time can misguide people into thinking they will do all the cooking for you, they really don’t. They are useful if you are in a hurry or want to make hot chocolate, but not everything can be made in a microwave, like roast potatoes.

I’m sort of more writing this post on the advances of technology, as I can be a bit of a technology geek and do rather adore stuff like iPod’s and Cameras. R.I.P to Steve Jobs by the way. Anyway, will there ever be a time were we do nothing, just get technology to do it for us? I hope not.

I’m not against technology at all but some things like artificial life (a bit like robots I guess) can be controversial. Yes, I have watched I Robot and I do not want them  to turn against us, yet at the same time if they one day do exist, I don’t want them to be our slaves.

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