Scrubs and How I met your Mother

I used to post all the time on the wonder of Scrubs and I still adore it (the TV series) but as I improved-well if you can call it that- my blog it kind of got pushed out of the way. But I still watch it when I can and now friends has ended I can finally watch it on most days of the week. I love Scrubs and in some ways you can learn so many things from one TV series, however sometimes pointless it may be.

One of the most brilliant episodes was definetly My Lunch you can learn so many things from the episode, for Example:

1. Everyone deals with death differently

2. Scrubs does have those tear jerking moments (sorry for the cliche phrase).

3. The  Fray have amazing music.

But however amazing Scrubs may be, I have now developed room in my life for another TV series; How I Met Your Mother. It is not as good as Scrubs, but again rather brilliant. It features 5 main characters and again has some of those awesome moments. I love the main character Ted, who is the hopeless romantic of the group and narrates it throughout well enough you never get bored. However, there are some moments were they have perhaps “Permanently Borrowed” lines from from Friends, but I really don’t care.

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