Into the Forest

The girl stared with a look of a hundred miles away from this life in her eyes.

She stared down at her  grubby hand with her beautiful grey eyes glistening with tears in the half lit room. The lamp gave a off a warm glow in the cramped room, but her skin was as if see through despite the shadows. A single tear trickled down her cheek, but she seemed oblivious to all that happened around her. A meteorite could have fallen upon the house next door and she would still be slumped in the same motionless position.

The wind howled in agony outside and the rain spattered against the window pain like tiny bullets on a tin roof, the grey sky like a great slab of stone shielding out the sun.

Suddenly, the look vanished from her far away eyes, as if shocked by a live wire she flew down the stairs and streaked out of the lone back door. She did not notice the rain, nor the howling winds, yet ran -as if her life depended on it- directly into the imposing trees, disappearing into the the surrounding mist.

All that was left of the girl was her shoe.

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