Brighton Pier

Bright lights pierce the cold night sky, the strong stench of doughnut batter engulfs me as I  walk too close to the cramped stalls and cafes. A ruthless wind rushes across the rickety pier, washing away the smell of sugar, to be replaced with the fresh, salty smell of the roaring ocean. The wind howls, threatening to rip all hair from my head and blow it into the stoney sky.

Yet it is beautiful here, despite the obvious falseness of the jutting out pier. It illuminates the skyline, attracting seagulls, desperately swooping at any lost food. The feris gently glides on its ever-turning axis, appearing as if to churn up the soft clouds and setting sun. The wind stings my eyes, causing water to cloud my vision and I blink so as to take in as much of my surroundings.

I can hear the cry of seagulls, the distance screams of joy coming from the fairground rides and the rythmic crashing of the ocean waves. The gentle lapping of water against the wooden supports is calming among the many sounds that overwhelm my ears. It really is like another world.

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