Ever realized how slow some computers are these days?

I find just moving the mouse is a chore for a computer. I swear sometimes they are thinking “Huh, what can I do to destroy any patience this person may have? AHAH, I can slow their computer down to a snail’s pace!” If it’s one of those days were you just feel you are on the brink of explosion and the computer freezes, it is more than a little irritating. Plus your family give you some really weird looks as they see you bashing your head continuously against the desk getting annoyed with the computer  screaming insults at the computer.

I guess this is kind of complaining a a little. Well, more than a little, but I know I’m not the only one who hates the speed of computers and has a serve case of impatience (especially towards slow technology). Don’t get me wrong, technology sure as hell is useful and I spend way too much time on the computer these days, but why is it so darn slow?

Occasionally  (in my weaker moments) I do consider destroying the computer by the most violent means possible, but then I wouldn’t be able to post on my blog anymore and I’m sure my readers will not be happy about that!

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