Don’t Ever…

Feeling inspired by my friend’s 15 page word document of quotes I though I’d have a look at some myself.

“Don’t listen or think about anything other people say about you. Just live your life and prove them wrong.”

I love this quote. It’s not my favourite, but I still love it.

Don’t ever let people who talk about you behind your back get to you. Already I’m a hypocrite. I let it get to me almost all of the time, but not always. The people who talk about you are probably not jealous of you as your mum used to say, but what does it say about the friendship with the person they are talking too? They obviously have nothing better to do then sit around talking to someone about somebody else.

If it really does get to you then prove them wrong. Grow to be some one who changes things for the better, whilst they’re stuck in an office gossiping about colleges.

“Forgive your enemies, but never,neverforget their names.”

-John F Kennedy

Don’t spend your whole life thinking about how much you hate them, think about them occasionally that they were in the wrong. After all, you should feel sorry for them, not the other way round. Try not to hold grudges, which (again) is a Hypocrite alert on my behalf.

Overall, just do whatever it takes to forget what they said about you and keep living your life the way you did before they came along.

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