Bonfire Night

The thick smoke billowed into the endless darkness of the oncoming night. It smothered the sky in obnoxious fumes, extinguishing the stars in its path, replacing the smooth clouds with toxic smog. The blazing fire clawed at the night, letting out a string of meaningless cussing and crackle as the ash and sparks showered into the blackness, before gently floating to the damp ground. It ate hungrily at the never ending supply of wood and furniture. It appeared unstoppable. An abnormal force of nature.

She emerged from the heart of the flames, hair a a swirling silhouette amongst the roaring fire.

Powerful. Fearless.

The blaze trying desperately to curl around her ankles, she steps forward to examine the world around her. She is born of flames and fury. Her eyes are the color of the burning kindling that fuels the violent fire. She is something completely new in our dull world.

The artificial lights surround me, stabbing my eyes and flashing persistently from all directions. Music floods the fairground, infecting it with the wrath of….club music.  The terrified screams of the paying customers, foolish enough to choose the scariest ride, echo across the fields. My foot slips on the squelching mud and water caused by the sheer mass of people who have walked through this fair.

The rides swirl and swoop, dragging and pulling the music from each ride past my unsuspecting ears. I’m dizzy, the lights are everywhere, engulfing me and my senses. But at the same time I want to be brave. I want to stand up to every ride and prove to myself I can go on any ride. But I know I’m not going to, I feel really sick after fairground rides.

( I apologize for the mixing of tenses in this).

5 thoughts on “Bonfire Night

  1. hello b-day girl,
    This is once again an AWESOME peice of writting ;D
    i don’t know what else to say so yeah
    AWEOSME peice of writting
    see ya tomorrow
    *i already said that

  2. Oh.



    I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! WOW WOW WOW WOW. You are such a BRILLAINT writer. That girl, “born of flames and fury”… how epic! She’s like Katniss’s alter ego. The Girl On Fire. Ten times more awesome than my post. I love the last sentence of the last one, where you say you get sick on fairground rides… it totally brings it down to earth, makes it so real and almost funny. Amazing.

    Just… wow.

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