What should I be doing?

I should be studying for my Chemistry test. That’s what I should be doing.

But instead just wanted to show you some pictures of my last couple of months.

 Who’s up for some more cliche sunsets?







My mum on the way to Fire Beacon hill on my birthday.







 Bonfire on bonfire night (obviously) and some one else’s phone.







 Footprints of a friend.







 Pretty self explanatory really, I threw a dice on the floor because I’m just so smart (not really).

2 thoughts on “What should I be doing?

  1. Love the one with the dice. I seem to have an obsession with dice. Maybe it’s because they are related to fate. And its a red die. Red is a DANGER colour. Your photography is epic and my footprints are very cool too.

  2. lol 😛 some of the comments are funny ;D
    these pictures are really cool!!
    btw when the computer is fixed *i’m on kati’s laptop* then i WILL make a blog (finally)
    …but i don’t know how long it will take for the copmputer to be repaired who knows … i think it’s beyond repair but oh well

    Awsome picture ;P

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