The Maze Runner

These two books really do deserve a lot of credit. James Dashner has taken a simple idea of civilization in a maze turned it into something really incredible.

The first book ” The maze Runner” begins with Thomas being dropped into a maze with absolutely no memory of outside this new world. He is greeted by a whole bunch of Boys, laden with Glader slang and a system for the maze.The Glade is essentially a safe Haven in which the walls close shut at night to protect them from the menacing monsters. In the day they are free to roam the Maze, as long as they can make it back before night fall.  Outside the maze they are tormented by Grievers -disgusting metal blubber creatures-, scraping against the stone walls. But Thomas wants answers and every time he tries to grasp hold of of any possible memories that slumber in his brain, they slip away. He also knows he is destined to become a Maze Runner.

Everything begins to change. A mysterious girl is dropped through the box into this maze. The first girl the boys have seen since the Maze, and Thomas knows who she is. Written on her arm is the phrase “Wicked is Good”. Her name is Teresa and her and Thomas quickly discover their joint mind power.

Dashner has particually focused on creating many strong, independent characters and because of that I have numerous favorites. I loved Minho, a determined strong-minded runner, always sticking up for Thomas and intent on Thomas’s goal; to become a Runner. Teresa is a fierce character, and I’m sure could take on at least 5 of the boys in a fight and still have energy to have a go at a  couple more. I have also read the second book, and I find her a little hard to trust after having read The Scorch Trials. Newt was brilliant, a natural leader and Chuck was another Newbie, annoying yet bringing a little humor to a generally serious book.

He is a really descriptive writer, which is brilliant as you always get a feel of the tense atmosphere.He uses some awesome, imaginative writing, and if you love The Hunger Games, you’ll defiantly love this too.

3 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

  1. Just le-e-erve this book! So brilliant. It’s really creepy, but so real; I totally could imagion myself in the glade. I love the system the boys worked out, with all their seperate jobs and that. And I love the escaping from the maze!! :]

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