I crouched down in the mind-numbing mass of cold snow, brushing the snowflakes out of my long eyelashes. I would need my eyes completely free of distractions to get a clear shot in this weather. The snowstorm was intensifying, sending mini tornadoes of snow and ice advancing toward me. But I was used to this, this was how I was raised. Born and bred a natural killer.

I could see his outline now, his form blurred, almost un-recognizable through the merciless blizzard. I carefully removed my gun and attached a silencer, it would be a newbie mistake not to attach one of these when dealing with this kind of person. But I shut my eyes, the anxious feeling and paranoia were enveloping my mind. Again.

It was alright when I was young, taking some one’s life was easy. I din’t know right from wrong. But I’m older now. I din’t know this man I was about to kill, he could have a wife, children and I was about to steal that all way from him, just because I was taught this way. Forced into a way of life I never truly wanted, or deserved.

I gradually opened my eyes. I had been spotted. He strode confidently through the surrounding snow storm. He had not yet seen my gun. It was not too late, I could run across the nearby field, the weather would protect him from identifying me. Or, I could  shove the gun back into my pack and pretend to be a lost, innocent child. I could see his face now, full of worry, for this young girl huddling behind the small boulder. Kind, inviting, full of hospitality.

He stopped abruptly in his path. He had spotted the gun, hanging limply from my slender fingers. Kindness morphed into panic; he was going to make a run for it.

I regained my grip on the gun, what choice did I have but to shoot? I brought up the weapon, aimed for his heart and shot.


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