Global Warming and my Cat’s Internal Clock

It’s pretty much winter now and my cat shows no signs that she will stop molting (Shedding fur). She molted all through the summer, as cats do and it didn’t matter what you were wearing, you would be covered in white fur. At the end of the summer, her fur did appear to grow a little thicker; as if she might be considering that maybe, just maybe that she might be growing it for winter. How wrong I was.

A little conversation at home:

My little brother: (cat sitting on his lap) Mummmm, the cat’s still molting.

My older brother: Huh, the cat’s broken…

Me: HOW DARE YOU, our cat is NOT broken! It’s impossible for a cat to break.

My older brother: Well then why hasn’t she stopped molting, haven’t you notice it’s winter now?

Me: Huh, maybe it’s global warming…

Mum: (looks up from book) Be quiet. 

Maybe it’s global warming, as the planet is warming up and that must be the reason my cat is still leaving a layer of fur around when  ever she falls asleep. It would explain a decent amount.

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