This is an unbelievably awesome book that I read about 1-2years after randomly ordering it off Amazon. My mum had said “You can order 3 books, as long as you’ll actually read them.” Yeah, sure I’m going to order books and not read them, just to be annoying  because I’m cool like that. You know, that’s really not relevant. Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the idea of Teenagers being savaged for their organ, and pretty much their whole body. And it was all down to the parents. The parents had complete control of their child’s fate. I knew I was going to order this book.

Unwinding is basically being dissemble by a team of Doctors and nurses, in which every part of the living body -from the head to toes- is donated to those in need of organs. But of course one can only be Unwound from the age of 13 to 18 years of age. All under the control of the parents agreement. Is you child ugly or stupid? Why not have the child Unwound?

The book begins with Connor, a bit of a troubled kid, getting into the odd fight. But he’s found the Unwind form in his parent’s desk draws. In this new age world Unwinding is considered humane and not truly dying, but more like being spread out as the organs are donated. No teenager wants to be Unwound, and Connor is no different, he decides to run away (Or “Kick AWOL”)with his friend, who then deserts him. Some friend she turned out to be.But once an Unwind form is signed, no one can withdraw it, no matter the situation. So as soon as Conner’s absence is noticed, the police dedicate their time to tracking Connor Down. Conner manages to hitch a ride with a trucker.

Risa is a ward of the state, who lives is a state home. Ward’s of the state have to either prove that they can contribute to society or get Unwound. Risa aspires to become a piano playing, and she is exceptionally good at it too. However, budget cuts destroy her dream and yet another Unwind form is signed and she is plonked in the back of a truck to go to Harvest Camp.

Lev is born a tithe, which is a child that is born to dedicate his organs to those in need, as his rich parents believe they must donate 10% of their lives should be given to God. Naturally that includes one of  their 10 children too. Tithes, being respectable little children, are taken on a private bus to harvesting camp, but on they way their paths combine to explode the whole book into action..

I must restrain myself from actually telling you anymore, but the book really is a great Sci-Fi novel. The 3 characters are extremely memorable, as Conner is a strong minded individual, but with a good heart; Risa is too strong willed and  a brilliant female character. Lev is really difficult to like at the begging, as his attitude of being Unwound is postitivly sickening. But no fear, Lev improve tonnes and anyone can like him in the end. One particular scene in the book is of one minor character actually being Unwound, and it really goes into incredible detail. Neal Shusterman, you are awesome.


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