Our Earth

I gazed out of the huge window into the remnants of the last earth. Webs of fire swept across the planet’s surface, like huge ravines in the earth’s crust. Lava leaked out into the oceans, poisoning them with the violent orange liquid, boiling the water into the atmosphere. My breath fogged up against the window as I pressed my cheek against the glass. I didn’t want to blink, I might miss these precious few minutes.

The earth was nearing it’s end now, the once brilliant green rain forests now crippling under the immense heat as it was leashed by the sun’s unstoppable gravitational pull. It was still beautiful, majestic even. Despite the fact that it only had minutes left.

I felt a twinge in my gut, I had lived there. That was my home, where I grew up. I knew I had no right to be upset, this was years away from my lifetime. Nothing more than a little entertainment for these foreign creatures that lived upon this spacecraft, but a few stray tears still slipped out of my eyes, cutting through the layers of grime that clung to my face.

The earth suddenly exploded, although no sound was heard through the thick glass a ripple of dust and rocks shooted out into the atmosphere, like dropping a pebble in a pond. Huge rocks flew into the skies and a gentle shudder shook the spacecraft. The last remnants of the earth floated off into the universe.

3 thoughts on “Our Earth

  1. Woah, Rosie, that’s freakin’ amazing! It’s Rose! It’s Doctor Who! It’s the episdode where the world blows up! It’s fantastic! Blimey, you impress me every single time. That is epic. The world blows up. Woah. Wow. Amazing.

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