We studied space recently in science and I just find it…argh, beyond describable, perhaps the word I am looking for is indescribable. It is positively mind-boggling that space goes on forever, yet we don’t know what is in that forever; it is impossible to travel that far.

There are numerous ways the world could someday end. I am not a believer of the “2012 the world ends” theory, but it is inevitable the world will one day end. Astronomers recon the sun is roughly 6billion years old, and that is only half it’s potential age, the odds are that by the time it does in fact implode, human life will be long gone.

There is also the closest galaxy to us: Andromeda. Andromeda is a very beautiful spiral galaxy, that is currently hurtling towards us at 100-140km per second. The galaxy contains roughly one trillion stars and is coming towards us…fast. However we aren’t scheduled to collide into it for another 4.5billion years. But it is a very beautiful galaxy, it is considered one of the brightest to the naked eye.

There is so much mystery in space and we will never know how far it has expanded. But there are some super awesome things that can happen, for example, if I throw a pen on the moon, as long as nothing comes along and destroys that pen, it will never stop moving at that constant speed. Forever… and ever. Occasionally, when we can see Saturn, when we do see it, it is one and a half hours ago that we are seeing it. We are seeing the past Saturn.

What I find particually fascinating is the ending of a star. There are so many stars, and like people they are not immortal. All stars will eventually run out of fuel and implode. These cosmic explosions are more commonly know of as supernovas. Some stars may slowly fade as they turn into White Dwarves and then Black Dwarves. But still, some do explode.

Space is just filled to the brim with awesomeness, and I think astronomy is just fascinating. Some of the luckiest people are definitively Astronauts who get see these planets and stars so close (well maybe not stars). Space means having to accept words such as “forever” and “infinity”, which are so difficult to wrap one’s head around. Space is just… awesome.

Interesting Facts about Space:

1. Saturn is less dense than water, therefore would float in a giant glass of water.

2. The light hitting the earth is 30 thousand years old.

3. There are 2 golf balls currently on the moon.

4. If 2 pieces of metal touch in space, they will be permanently fused together.

2 thoughts on “Space

  1. Great post! I love space, it’s so cool. Add another fact: in space, nothingh ever speeds up or slows down because there is no air drag or anything, so it keeps on moving at the same speed… forever. :]

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