Revenge Tastes Best with Tea

I carefully handed her the ornate cup of steaming tea. She clutched the cup, and a tiny smile crept across her perfect lips. Her pale skin was slightly flushed from the heat of the steaming cup of tea as gentle swirls of  vapor curled about her chin. The tea, a once pale pink, had blossomed into a deep scarlet. How ironic I thought to myself…

Her apricot colored hair hung in ringlets, her eyes the precious blue of a newborn child. Her pale skin as delicate as fresh lilies. Too innocent, too young I thought to myself. How could anyone love you? She turned towards me, oblivious to my dark thoughts and smiled at me shyly in thanks. She took a tentative sip of the tea and let out a soothing sign. There would be no pain yet.

Minutes passed as she continued to sip the tea. With my head buried in the newspaper, the sound of china shattering on stone was the only giveaway. A look of utter surprise flitted across her face, and her mouth curved into a perfect “O” shape.  A slight hint of panic flashed through her eyes, before she fell, almost gracefully in a bundle on the floor. A slight chuckle escaped my lips as I  carefully avoided the deep red tea creeping across the stone tiles.

6 thoughts on “Revenge Tastes Best with Tea

  1. I enjoyed this scene, Rosie. Like a spider’s complete disregard for a butterfly’s beauty. The sharp contrast of baby blues and apricot hair against her pale skin created a very striking image.

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