Gandalf Vs Dumbledore

This very important question has been cropping up a lot in my life recently, and I believe it deserves an answer. As you probably know, Gandalf is the the Wizard from Lord of The Rings, and Dumbledore from the popular Harry potter series. They are both epic wizards, but who would win in an overall wizard war?

Competitor Number 1: Gandalf

Gandalf looking rather cool in his wizard hat.

Here is my list of why Gandalf is completely legendary.

1. He is a Wizard

2. He loves everyone, well maybe not the bad guys, but he gets on particually well with the Hobbits and treats everybody equally.

3. He comes back to life/ regenerates to become Gandalf the White. That is so cool, and in the process he gets a whole new wardrobe, from grey robes to white!

4.He fights the Balrog (Big fiery monster with the whip) and wins.

5.He has a horse called shadowfax.

6.His cart spits out fireworks when Hobbit children walk by.

7. His facial hair is just beautiful.

8.He can talk to moths- Somehow he contacted a moth and it brought back an eagle…just wow.

9. He fighting is awesome, he just whacks people with his Staff.

10. He has a very cool staff.

As you can see there are a whole lot of reasons to love Gandalf. Not only he is a really kind and rather lovely, but he does come in handy when it comes to saving the whole of Middle Earth. He very good when it comes to coping with bad situations, like Orc invasions or certain “Kings” trying to set their children on fire. Anyway, on to the Next Wizard.

Competitor Number 2: Dumbledore

Dumbledore and the Beanie Hat

Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why you can’t help but love Dumbledore.

1. He is a wizard

2. He has a brilliant beanie hat which he is rarely seen without.

3. He knows how to make an exit.

4. He owns Fawkes the pheonix which he can make that great exit with when it burst into flames.

5. He too has some awesome facial hair.

6. He has the burden of always knowing about what Harry truly is. He copes with it well.

7.He has a Deluminator that allows him to turn off muggle lights whenever he pleases.

8. He is very good at fighting with a wand.

9. He’s really nice in that Uncle-ish way (well I think anyway).

10. His office has the most Ultimate office you could ever want, filled with books and telescopes.

Dumbledore too is brilliant, one of the best Characters in the Harry Potter series, and a character that really develops throughout the books. He is so very wise and yet burdened with knowing so much.

So I guess it is a difficult descion who would win in an overall Wizarding war. They are both so genially good characters it is difficult to chose. They both have so many qualities, and are similar yet so different. I don’t think the war over Gandalf and Dumbledore will ever truly be over.

7 thoughts on “Gandalf Vs Dumbledore

  1. GANDALF ALL THE WAY!!!! Dumbledore is annoying i mean dumbledore?!?! what kinda name is that its like bumble bee … well not really … and he doesn’t tell harry anything and then he dies 😐

    Whereas gandalf is just awesome and is so nice and casual. Dumbledore thinks he is so supreme!
    But, i do agree, fawkes is cool but that isn’t dumbledore 😛

    yes…he does have beautiful facial hair and yes, HIS STAFF IS SO COOL…and his hat :}

    • In a fight (I’ve been in loads of fights (and I’m not even ten) so I should know) its skill that matters, not rank. If you are high or low rank and you walk into a fight you will be in the same rank as everyone else, because in a fight there is only one rank. And since when has Albus Dumbledoor been ranked according to Tolkiens system? Anyway ganpulf (whatever his name is) isn’t real, were as the clever type of wizard DOES exist because I am living proof. I’ve taught myself one spell:expellimanara (it blasts paper around) and built my own very weak wand. Dumbledoor is not just a mere wizard anyway he is the most powerful wizard ever.

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