The Eternal Spacecraft

She craned her head eagerly over the spaceship railings. The wind tumbled through her white blonde hair as the stars zoomed through the skies leaving trails of fire in their wake. The great spacecraft produced a gentle hum as it plundered onward through the vast universe. Her nightgown billowed and danced about her feet that  stretched upon tip-toes. The wind pricked her eyes causing tears to ripple out of the corner of her eyelids. Her cheeks were flushed and her hands clutched the rail. She closed her eyes and leaned into the breeze.

The spacecraft picked up speed, sending vibrations that gently rocked the ship’s exterior. The stars were little more than streaks of white, scratches of ice blemishing the dark sky. In the horizon galaxies quivered far off in the distance, huge pools of stars, littered with dust and ice shelves. The sky was vast and cold.

She opened her eyes reluctantly, the tears were no longer because of the wind. I wonder if anyone knows I’m here she thought, I wonder if anyone knows I exist? She raised her hands to her forehead, as if attempting to calm her thoughts. She then lowered her hands to clutch at  her spotless nightgown, twisting and looping the folds round her fingers. She was a mere speck of dust in comparison with the universe.

She stepped back from the railings, seeming to compose herself. Her palms fell slack from her nightgown and drifted to her sides. She sniffed and turned away from the universe and padded back to the empty ship. She was all alone on the great vessel.

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Spacecraft

  1. Wow, this is AMAZING! I adored, “the wind tumbled”, “she closed her eyes and leaned into the breeze” and most of all: “she raised her hands to her forehead, as if attempting to calm her thoughts.”

    This is a really lovely piece: it’s sweet, sad and delicatly beautiful. I love it! The girl is so cute :]

  2. this is awsome :} did,by any chance, this relate to dr who and rose? because this is what it reminded me of when i read it 🙂 You have skills young jedi, my the force be with you, always:)

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