Two Parisian Gargolyes

The two stone Gargoyles stared gormlessly at the blazing red Horizon. Buildings and blinking lights smeared the view they  had high upon the Parisian Cathedral that scraped at the wisps of cloud. They perched precariously on the stone ledge, all devilish faces and spiked wings. Their eyes cold and empty, surveyed the world below, claws twitching and pulsating as they dug into the soft rock.

“Hehehe,” One cackled, “Look at all those tiny humans, intent on their own little world’s, how selfish!”

As it spoke fragments of weathered stone crumbled from the corners of its grey, carved stone mouth. The other- a slightly less extreme looking Gargoyle- turned its head with great difficulty and a crunching and grinding of stone. More powder and dust spiraled at danced off the ledge as it tumbled from the gargoyle’s eroding exterior.

“Yes, yes I do see!” It cackled gleefully “We should fling stones at their little heads, let them crush their brittle necks” The gargoyle’s eyes distended, as if shocked by their brilliant idea.Their terrifying faces cracked and strained to distort into terrifying grins, revealing stoney sharp fangs.

“Why yes, my dear! We should litter them with gravel and rocks! Yes, Yes!”  The other one cried, voice laced with insanity and a wild look in its limestone eyes.

“HeHe, Of course!”

They soon succumbed to fits of insane giggles, gravely and high pitched. The blood red sunset illuminated tiny pinpricks crystal set in their stoney bodies, like minuscule spots of blood. As the sun slipped below the horizon they became quieter, laughter subsiding into quiet snorts and giggles. The two judgmental gargoyles returned to their carved perches the architects had intended for them to remain in for all eternity.

One thought on “Two Parisian Gargolyes

  1. That is intensly creeptastic. I will for ever after have a fear of gargolyes… I loved the way the sky kept on being described as blood-red, it created a really dark image in my head. Another brilliant post!

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