The Fearful Twins

They walked arm in arm down the narrow corridors, mirroring each other’s steps with exact precision. Both were dressed identically in burgundy body suits with a gold stripe running vertically down each side; the compulsory uniform everyone had to wear. They looked almost exactly the same; and yet completely different. The first had white-blonde hair and electric blue eyes that looked as if they could zap someone with electricity just by glancing at them. The second had deep brown hair and crystal green eyes. Yet at the same time they both had ruler-straight hair and wore the same expression; smug and perfectly composed.


They radiated confidence as they walked down the centre on the corridor. People stared and whispered, but everyone parted, pressing themselves to the walls as they glided through. Whispers enveloped the building and rumours hovered in the air. Who were these two flawless girls? Rumour had it they had come via their own spacecraft from the planet Valticä, where the children were born of steaming waterfalls and walked the lands for eternity with their chosen partner. Others said they had been plucked from Taeramp, a planet adorned with constant lightning storms and endless ice fields. But the truth was, no-one knew. Even their names were a mystery.

But this was a school for the gifted, for those who had powers. Everyone sensed their powers were strong. You only needed to come into their presence to feel the power surrounding them, like fog. But no-one knew if the two students were dangerous, or not.

2 thoughts on “The Fearful Twins

  1. Amazing, Rosie! I especially love, “Whispers enveloped the building and rumours hovered in the air.” I’m such a sucker for planets/space/aliens too! Amazing post! I want to hear more about these girls… :]

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