Swallowed in the Sea

Hello all, terribly sorry about the hold up of a new post. Recently life has been rather busy, especially the horrors of  exams and the awesomeness that is my new laptop. However, all my files and pictures are currently trapped inside the other computer so it has been difficult to post. So I figure I shall leave you all with at least one story, so here it is:

The water swallowed me. Encased my flailing body in a slippery bubble of seawater, salt leaking into my squeezed shut eyes.  I was swirled round, thrashing. contorting, balancing in the empowered palm of the ocean. Tendrils of water wrapped around my ankles before slipping reluctantly of my water resistant skin

I wanted to scream, yell, curse at the vast waters. How could I be so foolish?  But most of all fear immersed my brain, poisoning it with images of pale corpses floating on the ocean floor. Lost, never to be discovered.

The water finally tossed me up into the air one last time, flinging my legs up, forcing  by back to arch and curve.  For one brief moment felt happy, free. But gravity grabbed me tightly and down, down, down I fell.

Swallowed in the sea.

Underwater Photography

2 thoughts on “Swallowed in the Sea

  1. WOW.

    I was going to have a little quote of my favourite line but I can’t. I can’t decide which is my favourite! This has never happened before! It’s too amazing! I can’t…! *meltdown*

    Anyway. This is epic and I love it very much. It’s amazing.

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