The Eternal Runner

She ran through the dark forest, clutching her last hope, her only hope. Running on through the dark lands, never stopping, always running from those who tormented her. Her cloak trailed after her, rippling in the wind, occasionally flashing shades of red at the forest. Her blonde hair danced about her head that revealed every bit of worry for what she was running from. She didn’t feel out of breath, she never would, this was her everlasting punishment.

The tiny cat clutched to her chest mewed hopefully, thoughts of fish and warm fires slipped through its mind. Glancing down at the kitten she raised it quickly to kiss its fury head before looking at the floor below, strewn with leaves and sticks from the forest. Brambles and twigs clawed and tore at her bare feet that ran effortlessly across the endless ground, but she barely noticed and shook then off her ankles as she ran.

The shadows lengthened and elongated as the day wore, into the evening as the darkness shrouded the forest in a dark blanket. Her eyes felt weary, yet sleep was impossible and still her body did not tire from the running. Darkness lay at the tree trunks and curled into the sunken  floor. Her eyes flitted from side to side, not afraid, but wary of what may be around at this time of night. Her pace quickened as she slipped into the dark night, cloak fluttering, kitten still held firmly to her chest. With one last glance behind her, she dissolved into the darkness.

Picture  it and Write

Photography by Brooke Shaden 

4 thoughts on “The Eternal Runner

  1. That’s such an amazing post! I love the idea of being cursed to run forever, barefoot, through thorns and dark forests… I love this post, it matches the atmosphere of the picture perfectly! I love the way it’s so dark and then there’s the little kitteh… :]

  2. Great work, Rosikifish. I love the tension you build with your descriptive words. I loved this phrase ‘Darkness lay at the tree trunks and curled into the sunken floor.’- Amazing. Thanks for contributing this week at Picture it & write. 🙂

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