Kreative Blogger Awards

My very good blogger friend Tanitha Smith has just awarded me for the Kreative blogger award! Many thanks to Tan and her epic blog, and as tradition I must nominate others and reveal some truly random facts about myself….


I currently have tonnes of friends with blogs, and so many that I follow which I love. But the blogs I will nominate are as followed:

1). Hanni Frieda’s Blog– Nominated for the absolutely wonderful photography, that is completely one of a kind. Her Blog is in it’s early days, yet I think it gets better and better. Not to forget her love of Sherlock, which has inspired many Sherlock revolving posts that you can’t help but love.

2).Helen Shroom’s Blog – Great Photos, stories and opinionated posts, with Muse weaved into the Blog. Plenty of pages and things to do like “The monthly Question” which can be answered by anyone.

3). The Mind of Tanitha – Wonderful stories that transfer you to new Universes, and not to forget her lovely encouraging comments on my Blog and other’s. Full to the brim with stories and poems that  inspire everyone who stops by.

4). Ermilia’s Blog– Combined writings of two equally awesome bloggers who do tonnes of book reviews and other posts. They do incredible Picture it and Write posts that are great for those wanting to improve writing or just wanting to have so creative fun. They are incredibly dedicated to their readers and never fail to reply with epic comments.

5). South African Nutter– A wonderfully creative Blog, which is great for anyone to read and enjoy. Funny, great poems, thoughtful, and most of all so individual. A Blog that is truly worth visiting.

Some Random facts about Me:

1). I love cats, I think they are ridiculously adorable and one day I shall have many living around me. I have one cat at the moment and I adore her.

2). I love photography and music.

3). I envy many characters in books, for example Wizards, Demigods, Timelords and many other people with magical powers. How come they get magical powers? I also wish that I was a character in Lord of the Rings.

4).I can sometimes become addicted to cheesy american sitcoms like Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

5). I spend half my life Daydreaming.

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