The Long Walk Onwards

The ocean of Elephant grass stretched onwards, brushing against my ankles and rustling in the quickening breeze. The open moorland stretched on endlessly in all directions and the sun poured down onto the grass, showering it with yellow-gold light that poured down the hillside. In the distance a lone tree stood, devoid of all leaves and quaking in the wind. I stumbled onwards listening to the steady thump of my boots of the dry grass, my eyes screwed up in the brilliant sunlight. The map trembled in my weather beaten hands, threatening to tumble to the ground at any moment to be swallowed in the thick grass. My ankles wobbled precariously as my heavy boots   tripped over a thick patch of grass that sent me crashing to the ground.

I lay there for a moment and considered settling down in the warm grass. My ears were pressed on the ground, the wind sounded like a distant recording, far off and crackly. But hands grasped my heavy bag and pulled me to my aching feet.

“That was a heavy fall you took there!” Nora said, propping her chin on my shoulder as she spoke. I chuckled dryly and replied,

“Ha, this grass is no fun. How much longer until the we get there?”

“Not much further now,” She said, a grin spread across her face at my impatience.

I turned back into the wind and began to lurch forward, readying myself for the nearing hill. My skin felt dry and burnt from the sun that beat down on me as the steep hill continued upward. Finally, we reached the top, aching and breathing rapidly from the climb. Again she rested her chin on my shoulder as I stopped to catch my breath.

“There it is,” She whispered, pointing at the tiny stone cottage nestled in the nearby hillside. I grinned at the thought of resting my aching bones.

Ermilia’s  Picture it and Write 


5 thoughts on “The Long Walk Onwards

  1. I don’t know that you strayed off topic. You wrote what it inspired you to write. I never walked through elephant grass and you gave me a picture of it. It was weird how the word ocean in the first sentence gave me a feeling of being near the ocean, and you really didn’t write that at all. Anyway this was fun. It left me ready to go rest my bones in the stone cottage.

  2. Thanks for contributing this week, Rosikifish, with a story and a picture for next week’s Picture it & write! I love seeing our contributors get involved with the picture process as well as the writing. I think you did a great job conveying the exhaustion of the character. I really liked this part ‘My ears were pressed on the ground, the wind sounded like a distant recording, far off and crackly.’ A very powerful description! I hope to see you next week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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