The Fault in our Stars

For those of you who may remember I wrote a pre-book post on what I hoped The Fault in our Stars would be like (you can read it here). Anyway, I recently finished reading the Fault in our Stars by John Green and if I could sum it up in one word (or three) it would be…pretty darn awesome. His book incredibly funny, and yet it’s mixed with streaks of sadness and loss. This particular book is told from the viewpoint of Hazel, who happens to be his first female protagonist, and he did an amazing job of telling her story right the way throughout the book.

The story begins with Hazel Grace, a sarcastic, yet funny and witty girl who has terminal Lung Cancer. Her daily week would consist of 3 college lessons a day, support group lessons and worrying about how her parents will cope with her upcoming death. Life for her is pretty monotonous. A couple of times a week she attends support group in “The literal heart of Jesus” as their cheesy group leader would tell them every week. Yet emerging from the dull routine, her half blind friend brings along with him another terminal friend: Augustus Waters. Augustus, although diagnosed with a serious cancer, has had no re-ocurences within the last year, and appears perfectly healthy, and he pulls hazel away from her boring routine of her life before death.

This book is so wonderfully unique in so many ways, John Green being a completely individual writer and creatng brilliantly full characters. One of my favourite scenes is when the two of them try to sell the garden swing by creating an advert for it:

“Headline?” he asked.
“‘Swing Set Needs Home,'” I said.
“‘Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home,'” he said.
“‘Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children,'” I said.”

I could give you hundreds of reasons why I love this book so much, and all his other books that are just filled to the brim with awesomeness. But I suggest to you to read this book. Like now. Go out to your local book store and purchase this copy, and you will not regret it. I had high hopes for this book, and I think it deserved every one of those hopes I had had for it pre-release. I hope you leave this Post with a little more knowledge on the works of John Green, and I hope you enjoyed my little review.



This is an unbelievably awesome book that I read about 1-2years after randomly ordering it off Amazon. My mum had said “You can order 3 books, as long as you’ll actually read them.” Yeah, sure I’m going to order books and not read them, just to be annoying  because I’m cool like that. You know, that’s really not relevant. Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the idea of Teenagers being savaged for their organ, and pretty much their whole body. And it was all down to the parents. The parents had complete control of their child’s fate. I knew I was going to order this book.

Unwinding is basically being dissemble by a team of Doctors and nurses, in which every part of the living body -from the head to toes- is donated to those in need of organs. But of course one can only be Unwound from the age of 13 to 18 years of age. All under the control of the parents agreement. Is you child ugly or stupid? Why not have the child Unwound?

The book begins with Connor, a bit of a troubled kid, getting into the odd fight. But he’s found the Unwind form in his parent’s desk draws. In this new age world Unwinding is considered humane and not truly dying, but more like being spread out as the organs are donated. No teenager wants to be Unwound, and Connor is no different, he decides to run away (Or “Kick AWOL”)with his friend, who then deserts him. Some friend she turned out to be.But once an Unwind form is signed, no one can withdraw it, no matter the situation. So as soon as Conner’s absence is noticed, the police dedicate their time to tracking Connor Down. Conner manages to hitch a ride with a trucker.

Risa is a ward of the state, who lives is a state home. Ward’s of the state have to either prove that they can contribute to society or get Unwound. Risa aspires to become a piano playing, and she is exceptionally good at it too. However, budget cuts destroy her dream and yet another Unwind form is signed and she is plonked in the back of a truck to go to Harvest Camp.

Lev is born a tithe, which is a child that is born to dedicate his organs to those in need, as his rich parents believe they must donate 10% of their lives should be given to God. Naturally that includes one of  their 10 children too. Tithes, being respectable little children, are taken on a private bus to harvesting camp, but on they way their paths combine to explode the whole book into action..

I must restrain myself from actually telling you anymore, but the book really is a great Sci-Fi novel. The 3 characters are extremely memorable, as Conner is a strong minded individual, but with a good heart; Risa is too strong willed and  a brilliant female character. Lev is really difficult to like at the begging, as his attitude of being Unwound is postitivly sickening. But no fear, Lev improve tonnes and anyone can like him in the end. One particular scene in the book is of one minor character actually being Unwound, and it really goes into incredible detail. Neal Shusterman, you are awesome.


The Maze Runner

These two books really do deserve a lot of credit. James Dashner has taken a simple idea of civilization in a maze turned it into something really incredible.

The first book ” The maze Runner” begins with Thomas being dropped into a maze with absolutely no memory of outside this new world. He is greeted by a whole bunch of Boys, laden with Glader slang and a system for the maze.The Glade is essentially a safe Haven in which the walls close shut at night to protect them from the menacing monsters. In the day they are free to roam the Maze, as long as they can make it back before night fall.  Outside the maze they are tormented by Grievers -disgusting metal blubber creatures-, scraping against the stone walls. But Thomas wants answers and every time he tries to grasp hold of of any possible memories that slumber in his brain, they slip away. He also knows he is destined to become a Maze Runner.

Everything begins to change. A mysterious girl is dropped through the box into this maze. The first girl the boys have seen since the Maze, and Thomas knows who she is. Written on her arm is the phrase “Wicked is Good”. Her name is Teresa and her and Thomas quickly discover their joint mind power.

Dashner has particually focused on creating many strong, independent characters and because of that I have numerous favorites. I loved Minho, a determined strong-minded runner, always sticking up for Thomas and intent on Thomas’s goal; to become a Runner. Teresa is a fierce character, and I’m sure could take on at least 5 of the boys in a fight and still have energy to have a go at a  couple more. I have also read the second book, and I find her a little hard to trust after having read The Scorch Trials. Newt was brilliant, a natural leader and Chuck was another Newbie, annoying yet bringing a little humor to a generally serious book.

He is a really descriptive writer, which is brilliant as you always get a feel of the tense atmosphere.He uses some awesome, imaginative writing, and if you love The Hunger Games, you’ll defiantly love this too.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A while back I read a book called The Hitchhike’s Guide To The Galaxy, which I have decided to review after realizing, huh, all I seem to review are books by John Green. It is a Science Fiction Comedy book that has some brilliant ideas.

It begins with Arthur, our down to earth every day guy and Earth is about to be destroyed in 2 minutes. Oh dear. He is plucked of the earth by Ford Prefect some one who however much appears human, really is not. They set about traveling the Galaxy discovering new planets and the answer to the universe, as well as meeting Zaphod Breeblebrox; the world’s most self-centred, ego-maniac humanoid creature. Oh, and he has 2 heads.

I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi comedy side of things, all though the book could tend to drag things out a little. But over all it was so incredibly original it is just fun to read. I loved the chapter that reveals the answer to the universe, you never would’ve guessed the answer.

Looking For Alaska

I’m here today with another book review! This is another book By John Green and it’s called Looking for Alaska.  My feelings towards this book was that it was not as well written as Paper Towns, yet sure as hell was entertaining!

Miles is sent to boarding school by his overly-understanding parents, where he the Colonel (well his real name is Chip). Miles being a skinny kid, the obvious nickname would be Pudge. Pudge soon meets Alaska, an exciting mysterious girl down the hall. Pudge fits in with a social outcast group of people, and they set about the summer smoking in the showers and pranking the “weekday warriors”. Yet he is intrigued about Miranda and he love of Poetry and the Labyrinth.

But deep down Alaska isn’t completely as she seems, her childhood was traumatic and she constanltey needs a book to read.  After one eventful evening everything changes for the gang…

This book was incredibly humorous, but please DO NOT go about reading this under the age of roughly 14. I would advise this book if you enjoy humour and slight pointlessness.

Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a book I’ve recently read by John Green. He Has written 2 other books, which I am yet to read. The book started with Margo, appearing at Quentin’s window one night and they embark on a night of playing pranks and whacking cat fish in people’s cars. They finish the night breaking into sea world and getting kicked out for trespassing.

Yet the next day Margo disappears, the only thing left is a clue for Quentin and he and his friends join him on a mission to find out where she has left them to be.  He tracks the clues with his friends Radar, an editor of a Wikipedia-like website and Benjamin, who can only be described as a hopeless romantic. They embark on a road trip across America to find Margo, yet Quetin fears the worst for Margo and her complicated mind.

The book is incredibly humorous, yet makes you think about individuals’ view on how we live and comparison with everyone around us. I can not wait to get the other books by him, but he is a relatively un-known author and I can’t find many of his books in regular book shops, so I am to read his other 2 books.

His other 2 books are Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, which I look forward to reading!