My Month in Pictures- August

Wuhay! New photos with my new tripod+ Remote. Photos included getting covered in mud and running away from unexpected rain, and covering myself in fairy lights. Weather was so unpredictable that as soon as I set up my tripod it began to rain, was good fun though!


Looking Back

None of these photos may be recent, but they are definitely improved.

My Blog 2 years Onwards

Instead of a my month in pictures, I decided it was time to celebrate the 2nd year of my Blog actually being a Blog amongst many others on the internet.  However, this is still a photo related post, so I’ll base it on that.

First of all thank you for all the awesome comments and likes, especially on my photo posts. I love taking photos and it’s great to receive feedback on what you thought of them personally. I’d like to share some of my favourite Images that you may have seen before, but also show how my photos have differed since the beginning of my Banana Bomb. Also some new ones, because I have still been trying to take some photos with my parent’s camera!

Many thanks to everyone!


Last Sunsets

Just a couple of practise photos, one with my cat in it, because she’s awesome. Not really any of my main photos, treat it a bit more like “Behind the Scenes” !


What should I be doing?

I should be studying for my Chemistry test. That’s what I should be doing.

But instead just wanted to show you some pictures of my last couple of months.

 Who’s up for some more cliche sunsets?







My mum on the way to Fire Beacon hill on my birthday.







 Bonfire on bonfire night (obviously) and some one else’s phone.







 Footprints of a friend.







 Pretty self explanatory really, I threw a dice on the floor because I’m just so smart (not really).