My month in Pictures-June

Sorry, still have no camera!

I’ve been messing around with some random collages of my pictures, next month there WILL be recent pictures.


Kreative Blogger Awards

My very good blogger friend Tanitha Smith has just awarded me for the Kreative blogger award! Many thanks to Tan and her epic blog, and as tradition I must nominate others and reveal some truly random facts about myself….


I currently have tonnes of friends with blogs, and so many that I follow which I love. But the blogs I will nominate are as followed:

1). Hanni Frieda’s Blog– Nominated for the absolutely wonderful photography, that is completely one of a kind. Her Blog is in it’s early days, yet I think it gets better and better. Not to forget her love of Sherlock, which has inspired many Sherlock revolving posts that you can’t help but love.

2).Helen Shroom’s Blog – Great Photos, stories and opinionated posts, with Muse weaved into the Blog. Plenty of pages and things to do like “The monthly Question” which can be answered by anyone.

3). The Mind of Tanitha – Wonderful stories that transfer you to new Universes, and not to forget her lovely encouraging comments on my Blog and other’s. Full to the brim with stories and poems that  inspire everyone who stops by.

4). Ermilia’s Blog– Combined writings of two equally awesome bloggers who do tonnes of book reviews and other posts. They do incredible Picture it and Write posts that are great for those wanting to improve writing or just wanting to have so creative fun. They are incredibly dedicated to their readers and never fail to reply with epic comments.

5). South African Nutter– A wonderfully creative Blog, which is great for anyone to read and enjoy. Funny, great poems, thoughtful, and most of all so individual. A Blog that is truly worth visiting.

Some Random facts about Me:

1). I love cats, I think they are ridiculously adorable and one day I shall have many living around me. I have one cat at the moment and I adore her.

2). I love photography and music.

3). I envy many characters in books, for example Wizards, Demigods, Timelords and many other people with magical powers. How come they get magical powers? I also wish that I was a character in Lord of the Rings.

4).I can sometimes become addicted to cheesy american sitcoms like Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

5). I spend half my life Daydreaming.

Scrubs and How I met your Mother

I used to post all the time on the wonder of Scrubs and I still adore it (the TV series) but as I improved-well if you can call it that- my blog it kind of got pushed out of the way. But I still watch it when I can and now friends has ended I can finally watch it on most days of the week. I love Scrubs and in some ways you can learn so many things from one TV series, however sometimes pointless it may be.

One of the most brilliant episodes was definetly My Lunch you can learn so many things from the episode, for Example:

1. Everyone deals with death differently

2. Scrubs does have those tear jerking moments (sorry for the cliche phrase).

3. The  Fray have amazing music.

But however amazing Scrubs may be, I have now developed room in my life for another TV series; How I Met Your Mother. It is not as good as Scrubs, but again rather brilliant. It features 5 main characters and again has some of those awesome moments. I love the main character Ted, who is the hopeless romantic of the group and narrates it throughout well enough you never get bored. However, there are some moments were they have perhaps “Permanently Borrowed” lines from from Friends, but I really don’t care.

Microwavable Futurism

My family have just emerged out of the dark ages by acquiring a microwave. I’m not sure how it came into our house hold, but I think it was free from a friend. Microwaves (as most of you know, as you probably have one) are very useful, but at the same time can misguide people into thinking they will do all the cooking for you, they really don’t. They are useful if you are in a hurry or want to make hot chocolate, but not everything can be made in a microwave, like roast potatoes.

I’m sort of more writing this post on the advances of technology, as I can be a bit of a technology geek and do rather adore stuff like iPod’s and Cameras. R.I.P to Steve Jobs by the way. Anyway, will there ever be a time were we do nothing, just get technology to do it for us? I hope not.

I’m not against technology at all but some things like artificial life (a bit like robots I guess) can be controversial. Yes, I have watched I Robot and I do not want them  to turn against us, yet at the same time if they one day do exist, I don’t want them to be our slaves.

The Lucsophagus

I’ve promised some one  a post for a long time on the Lucsophagus. This post is dedicated to her and her extra (well I’m pretty sure of) organ.

Anyway, normal earthlings can only withstand a certain amount of sugar before becoming hyperactive or dying. Lucy is already bouncing off he walls, forget about any sugar at that moment in time, therefore if she does have any intake of sugar it needs to be stored or she will inevitably suffer from a sugar overdose. The Lucsophagus (so far) only exists in Lucy (hence the name) and works a bit like an appendix but lets out the sugar over the 24hour day. It is also a startaling shade of purple, however is rather small and can not be seen too easily.

So, now you know of the Lucsophagus, you can go back to doing whatever else you were doing before reading this.

Return of the Cat (Or just a birthday…)

Hello fellow humans (have I used that one already?)

I’ll start with what this post is about. This post is to commemorate the Birthday of my now 5 year old cat,  Milly. She really is the most interesting cat you’ll ever meet and Obviously the cutest (You know I’m right). Still at the age of 5 she continues to chase her tail and is the only cat I know that is un-afraid of cars and will refuse to move for one. Of course, this may not be her greatest quality, since the odd time i have to literally pluck her off the road.

The picture on the right is blatantly more than a little blurry, but I still have a certain liking towards it.. She really is a beautiful cat.

A little story about her is that once when she was being chased by a bunch of dogs, she climbed directly up a telegraph pole. Impressive or what? It took ages to coax her down again,but eventually, she just came down and wandered off as if it was just your average Thursday.

Over the years she has proved herself an excellent hunter, which is perhaps not what I wanted, but it’s in their nature right? We were first denied getting a cat from a charity because they thought a kitten would get eaten by a buzzard, now we actually fear for the buzzards a hell of a lot more than we do for her.

Anyway, I’ll add some more pictures down below to show just how awesome she is, but as I found out recently she is camera shy. Every time you point the camera at her she looks away. But I’ll put some of my favourite up here.

Happy Birthday Milly! If only you could read this…





The Hole

I watched a film last Night called The Hole. To say the least it was VERY creepy.

The film is about 2 brothers: Dane and Lucas, who have just been moved to a house with their mother. Moving house is pretty regular for them, but Dane (the incredibly grumpy teenage type) fines it to say the least irritating. Dane and Lucas (the younger, more innocent of the brothers) meet the beautiful girl next door: Julie.

But soon Lucas stumbles upon the hole in the basement. A hole that apparently has no bottom and the 3 of them soon create a theory that it is the gateway to Hell itself. They try everything, even lowering a fishing rope down there with a camera on the end, in hope to find the bottom. But nothing is found.

Then a strange girl is found in the basement, crying not tears, but blood. She begins to show up whenever Julie is alone, before crawling back into the dreaded hole. A clown attacks Lucas, and they soon realize that whatever is down there is their biggest nightmare. But Dane claims to have no fears. Well, we soon find out that is rather untrue.

I really enjoyed this film’s original ideas and general weirdness. I would suggest not to watch this if  you are an incredibly jumpy person, because there are lots of trick scares that will make you jump when you are not expecting it. I loved the creepiness the simplistic ideas bring to the film. It is by no means the best film, but it certainly is a good movie to watch.


I glare up into the solid grey skies, water streaking down my face, clouding my vision. Yet the rain continues, beating down on my shoulders like an invisible weight that can not be lifted.  I miss the sun, its everlasting warmth and comfort to everyone. Yet no matter how hard I glare and curse, the rain will never  stop.

I walk down the narrow lane and already I can feel the rain sinking through my shoes and producing a rhythmic squelching  with every step. You’d have thought this was the coming of a monsoon or flood, yet yesterday it was no different.

I continue onward , darting under the caring branches of the trees that shelter me from the rain. But no tree nor plant can shelter me from the rain in my head. That rain will never end.

Note: I haven’t been writing for ages, so I thought I’d give it a go. Plus, I don’t hate rain.

The Fault in Our Stars

I have already done 2 books reviews on John Green, but the main feature of the book I’m about to talk about is this: it has not yet been released. I am unsure of the release date, but the one thing I can tell you is that I am looking forward to reading it!

I have been surfing the internet looking for anything this book is about and all I can say is that the book focuses on a girl called Hazel who has terminal cancer. The book title was a Shakespeare Quote from Julius Caesar which suggests the book is not literally about the fault in the stars but more so the fault in ourselves.

It’s pretty awesome that the book reached No.1 on Amazon (to pre-order), even before its release. People have a lot of faith in John Green.

The cover is not yet final, yet people all over the internet have designed there own, using their interpretation of the title. There are some pretty cool covers. There’s a whole website designated to people designing covers and if you have some spare time click here.

I particually liked this person’s (see on left), but I couldn’t find the name of them to credit that particular person. So if you designed this and read it….umm…sorry about that.

I really would suggest John Green’s books if you kind of like a bit of Philosophy and Pointlessness. I enjoy reading them even if they aren’t my favorite genre of books. His other book include: Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines (which I am yet to read).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my unnecessarily long post and look out for the next one!

Swansea Miners

Whether you are somewhere across the globe, or in the good old UK, you might of heard of the Swansea miners.

Miners were working in a mine when it suddenly became flooded with water. The miners rushed to escape the tunnels, but not everyone was lucky enough to get out. So far 3 miners have died and 1 more has been confirmed critically ill after escaping the mine water.

Last night, diver had been sent to look for any other bodies. Think of how much water there must have been to have actually had to swim through there.  The search continues for any other miners left down there.

I’m feel mainly for their families and I really hope the death toll does not rise.

1000th View

Greetings all, This post this time is not designated for the 1000th view, but actually to the people who got me there (That sounds really meaningful, doesn’t it?!)

Usually my post when I get to a certain hundred will include the word rave. This time it will not. I have grown up , I have matured…or not (trust me I haven’t).

So, firstly I would like to thank Tanitha Smith, a constant supporter and author on this blog. She comments, rates and most of all reads my blog. Thank you my dear for all the awesomeness you have poured over my blog in the last ages.

Visit her blog here. (If you don’t I will hunt you down).

Another special person is Helen Shroom. She’s had a blog for longer than I have all about Ourworld codes and cheats, but has recently acquired a new blog called Mushrooms Galore. She’s commented on my blog and taught me how to generally use WordPress, which has been more than a little helpful. Thank you Helen Shroom.

Visit her blog here.  (There is no option here…you have to).

Thank you all viewers for 1000 views and carry on coming back for for more banana-ey goodness (and make sure to comment!).

New Author!

Hey, I’m Tanitha, and I’m a new author on Banana Bomb! I love Doctor Who, but not the new series as much (David Tennant is undoubtably the ulimate Doctor!). I read way too much, and I love to write as well. Here is a short piece that I wrote- and I’m sorry it’s a little… depressing. :]

Grey ash softy drifted through the air like snowflakes; except that when they came in contact with human flesh, they didn’t melt but burn your skin, leaving angry scarlet marks like a bee sting. All the once-proud skyscrapers now leant crookedly, like old men exhausted with the pain of life. There were gaping holes sunken into their sides and their bones of steel where fractured. It seemed like they would topple any second now- but still, impossibly, they stood.

Alone in the destruction, one boy stood. The only survivor. He felt the burning heat as ash brushed past his skin; as soft as a butterflies’ wing but deadly. He could feel it lining his lungs, clogging up his throat like a deadly paste- choking him. Or was that his own bile? And in every direction he saw the endless rubble, smothered in that fine ash that was everywhere. There was not a sound. His ears strained hopelessly to hear something, anything! -but the once noisy city was as quiet as a grave. Ten thousand graves.

As he stared up at the grey sky, memories of the city he knew flashed back to him, as if they were trying to remind him of what had been lost. There was that lovely Indian lady, opening up her restaurant on the way to school. The popular milkshake bar he went to on a first date with Abbie, the cute and adorably shy blonde. The lush green parks that stretched on for miles- a small haven in a city of concrete. He and the lads lazed around there at weekends, discussing everything, nothing and something else entirely. His city had been busy, bustling, colourful and overcrowded. Now a graveyard, devoid of colour, noise or life.

So alone. The last one left. Everyone he knew- dead. Abruptly, and as painfully as being stabbed in the stomach, reality hit him. He gasped and stepped back, his eyes pricking ominously. He held the tears back- but then, what did it matter any more, when there was nobody to see?

So he crouched down in the ashes of his life and cried. Cried for the life he had had. Cried for the lives that had been lost. Cried for the city that was no more.

If you want to read more by me, or are just curious, check my website out!

The Hunger Games

As a lot of you may have heard, The Hunger Games trilogy will be coming out in the cinemas in 2012. The books were pretty awesome and I hope the film does it justice. I’m still more than a little apprehensive about Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss, but I haven’t seen her act much, so I wouldn’t know yet.

However, if you have not yet read the books, I strongly suggest reading them. They are adventurous and make you feel very connected to the characters.

The books begin in district 12, where every one is starving and to claim a tiny amount of food a year, they are more likely to be picked to be in the Hunger games.

Katniss is not originally chosen to compete, yet she makes a lot of difficult decisions throughout the books to bring them to an emotional ending.

I have faith yet that the movie will be a success, but until then I hope everyone will have a chance to read them!

Click here for the official Hunger Games Website :

We Have a Winner!

Well done Tanitha Smith for guessing 3/4 of the drawings right in my previous post.

I now award you the highest honour I can bestow, 3/4 of an imaginary cookie.


Here is your 100% real imagnary cookie, enjoy to the full and keep crunching!