My months in Pictures-June

New Camera! Feast your eyes on some cheesy photos (don’t worry, they won’t always be like this).


4 thoughts on “My months in Pictures-June

  1. OMG i love the field! You must take some photos of yourself in it 🙂 Milly is ADORABLE i had nearly forgotton what a cute cat she is. I really like this pictures! Glad you do some now that exams are finally over…for this year!

  2. That’s quite funny… I was just thinking that we hadn’t had a Rosiki post in a while, and voila!
    I love the first two the most… the last one is also very beautiful, I like the warm colours! The third one makes Milly seem kinda scary. Amazing, as always! I look foward to seeing your photos when you get your tripod/remote 🙂

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