Silent Lights

I hate driving at night.

The truck shudders violently, shaking my arms and wrists, forcing me to grip the wheel tighter and tighter. Cold seeps through the gaps of the windows that creak and complain over the bumpy country roads. It’s nightime now, and the darkness is thick and plentiful, pressing in on the rickety truck. The dim headlights flicker pitifully as they attempt to slice through the black surroundings, yet the inky darkness continues to hang in the air.

Eyelids closing, I drop my head to rest gently on the wheel, sending earthquakes up my spine. I know I should pullover, yet I still haven’t found what I’m searching for. With much resistance  I pull open my eyes. I don’t want to hit a deer, or any other animal that wonders the country lanes at night. A small rabbit cuts into my headlights before freezing with terror and streaking away into the fields that slide into the dark.

A figure seeps into the darkness. The outline is precise and solid, like that if a paper dolls.I cut the engine and the world plunges into silence. Despite the cold, the figure does not shiver, nor do their clothes move in the icy breeze. I have found what I was looking for

Sliding out the seat and onto the muddy floor, I head into the light to join the unknown.

Picture it and Write

My Blog 2 years Onwards

Instead of a my month in pictures, I decided it was time to celebrate the 2nd year of my Blog actually being a Blog amongst many others on the internet.  However, this is still a photo related post, so I’ll base it on that.

First of all thank you for all the awesome comments and likes, especially on my photo posts. I love taking photos and it’s great to receive feedback on what you thought of them personally. I’d like to share some of my favourite Images that you may have seen before, but also show how my photos have differed since the beginning of my Banana Bomb. Also some new ones, because I have still been trying to take some photos with my parent’s camera!

Many thanks to everyone!


Last Sunsets

Just a couple of practise photos, one with my cat in it, because she’s awesome. Not really any of my main photos, treat it a bit more like “Behind the Scenes” !


The Last Month in 4 Quarters

Hello, do not fear, I haven’t disappeared into the huge realms of the internet never to return. However a lot has happened reacently that I just have not have enough time to post about.

Now it all makes sense...

1. I saw the Hunger Games

That…was awesome. After reading the books I was admittedly worried the film wasn’t going to be half as good. But, it was brilliant and I would actually like to see it again some time (anyone want to come with?) There were a few things they changed of left out of the film, but I assume there were good reasons or the film was just going to become too long. Anyway, I approve of this movie, so go and watch it if you get the chance.

2. I have taken to going out on walks with a cup of tea in my hands

Typical English weather is cold. So when I went out for my walk I brought my mug of tea with me to warm myself and my hands up. However I ended up walking in front of a woman with 3 little Scottie dogs. First off, she gave me the weirdest look for having a mug of tea in my hands, but secondly I would stop every so often to drink the tea and she would catch up with me a little and then give me another weird  look for having stopped to drink the tea. I stopped briefly to talk with my aunt who was also walking along the road when the woman with the dogs came up to and started to talk to my aunt, all the while staring at me with this cup of tea. I decided this was getting too weird and went home to drink my tea in peace.

3. My brother sat on my camera and broke it

Who keeps breakable objects in their back pockets? I don’t even use my back pockets. So I am currently without my camera which is slightly devastating. Apparently insurance will not cover damage that is caused by a human that could have been preventable. Huh.

The pheasant looked a little like that, not nice to have one of them staring at you from the window.

4. Pheasant Issues

There are so many pheasants were I live and one that is constantly hanging around our house, which even though our cat has tried to catch, it may be a little too big for her to bring down. I was sitting down on the sofa with my laptop talking to a friend on Skype when I heard this random squawking noise coming from the glass door. Upon turning round, that irritating pheasant was stood, face almost against the glass staring into our living room. That was too much for me, so I began yelling any insult at that stupid pheasant whilst the friend on Skype wondered if I had finally gone completely insane. Remind me to file a restraining order on that pheasant, and any others for that matter.

Anyway, I hope to write more posts 🙂

The Long Walk Onwards

The ocean of Elephant grass stretched onwards, brushing against my ankles and rustling in the quickening breeze. The open moorland stretched on endlessly in all directions and the sun poured down onto the grass, showering it with yellow-gold light that poured down the hillside. In the distance a lone tree stood, devoid of all leaves and quaking in the wind. I stumbled onwards listening to the steady thump of my boots of the dry grass, my eyes screwed up in the brilliant sunlight. The map trembled in my weather beaten hands, threatening to tumble to the ground at any moment to be swallowed in the thick grass. My ankles wobbled precariously as my heavy boots   tripped over a thick patch of grass that sent me crashing to the ground.

I lay there for a moment and considered settling down in the warm grass. My ears were pressed on the ground, the wind sounded like a distant recording, far off and crackly. But hands grasped my heavy bag and pulled me to my aching feet.

“That was a heavy fall you took there!” Nora said, propping her chin on my shoulder as she spoke. I chuckled dryly and replied,

“Ha, this grass is no fun. How much longer until the we get there?”

“Not much further now,” She said, a grin spread across her face at my impatience.

I turned back into the wind and began to lurch forward, readying myself for the nearing hill. My skin felt dry and burnt from the sun that beat down on me as the steep hill continued upward. Finally, we reached the top, aching and breathing rapidly from the climb. Again she rested her chin on my shoulder as I stopped to catch my breath.

“There it is,” She whispered, pointing at the tiny stone cottage nestled in the nearby hillside. I grinned at the thought of resting my aching bones.

Ermilia’s  Picture it and Write 

The Fault in our Stars

For those of you who may remember I wrote a pre-book post on what I hoped The Fault in our Stars would be like (you can read it here). Anyway, I recently finished reading the Fault in our Stars by John Green and if I could sum it up in one word (or three) it would be…pretty darn awesome. His book incredibly funny, and yet it’s mixed with streaks of sadness and loss. This particular book is told from the viewpoint of Hazel, who happens to be his first female protagonist, and he did an amazing job of telling her story right the way throughout the book.

The story begins with Hazel Grace, a sarcastic, yet funny and witty girl who has terminal Lung Cancer. Her daily week would consist of 3 college lessons a day, support group lessons and worrying about how her parents will cope with her upcoming death. Life for her is pretty monotonous. A couple of times a week she attends support group in “The literal heart of Jesus” as their cheesy group leader would tell them every week. Yet emerging from the dull routine, her half blind friend brings along with him another terminal friend: Augustus Waters. Augustus, although diagnosed with a serious cancer, has had no re-ocurences within the last year, and appears perfectly healthy, and he pulls hazel away from her boring routine of her life before death.

This book is so wonderfully unique in so many ways, John Green being a completely individual writer and creatng brilliantly full characters. One of my favourite scenes is when the two of them try to sell the garden swing by creating an advert for it:

“Headline?” he asked.
“‘Swing Set Needs Home,'” I said.
“‘Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home,'” he said.
“‘Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children,'” I said.”

I could give you hundreds of reasons why I love this book so much, and all his other books that are just filled to the brim with awesomeness. But I suggest to you to read this book. Like now. Go out to your local book store and purchase this copy, and you will not regret it. I had high hopes for this book, and I think it deserved every one of those hopes I had had for it pre-release. I hope you leave this Post with a little more knowledge on the works of John Green, and I hope you enjoyed my little review.